Grounded in 2001 this is the oldest drifting club in sweden.

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Used car parts.

10 Years with the Dragons 2001-2011.

DriftingDragons started as a dream in 2001. And now after 10 years we are still here as a team.
DriftingDragons are some friends that just liked to go Drifting...
And in the future we plan to enter the upcoming drifting scene in Europe.
Whether it is just for fun and showoff at a few events. Or the entire season.
Anyway, the founders are Jimmy, Per and Erik. And very early on Christer joined up.

Anyone in Sweden (world*) with an RWD Japanese car is welcome to apply for membership
Please send us an Email to
More info will come, this is just the start...


* = From Sweden

What's  New

  • 20120108 SEMA 2012 ant 10 year anniversary added.
  • 20110913 Raidopower sponsor.
  • 20110205 Pics from Jarvso added.
  • 20110108 More pics from more events.
  • 20110103 Some updates.
  • 20100612 Movies added
  • 20100203 Some minor updates.
  • 20091220 Trips and more added.
  • 20090524 Some Updates.
  • 20090307 Beta test of new site
  • 20090215 New movie 200sx rally.
  • 20081028 Some of the trips made by DD added in our Media section.

Key Milestones


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